Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My book launch!

The launch went very well on Sunday. I sold quite a few books and should be able to make back the cost of print copies very soon. My daughter Aidan and her fiance (both actors) read Chap.6 about Liza's and Dace's first meeting in "Maitland Penitentiary" and Julian Fauth (2009 Juno winner) played mostly prison songs, plus one of his best known songs "Liza." Somebody from our very small neighbourhood newspaper came and took my picture.

John did a great job of promoting the event, which was held at the Axis Gallery and Grill in the Junction. Our costs were for some flyers, posters and a bit of food. We also gave several free books to the local press etc., but that got us an announcement in the paper too. I think the total cost of the launch was less than $300.00. (Julian refused to accept any payment.) In restrospect, we probably wouldn't have spent $40.00 on flyers. What worked best was emailing everybody (friends, family, neighbours and music and church contacts) and then following up with some phone calls. (John is very good at getting people to buy the book. He chases down our neighbours, tells them his wife has written a great book and then practically hits them over the head with it until they buy one. I don't really have the nerve!)

It was a little nerve wracking having a reading with some of my more conservative relatives present, but people were very kind and some of them bought several books.

My oldest daughter (Caitlin) and her husband gave me an engraved pen for the signing, so that was very sweet. All my grandchildren came too, but it was hard to get near them and towards the end the babies became a little distraught. The place was packed. We managed to wrap things up just before the Grey Cup which of course the Argos have won, so big excitement here.

And more big excitement in Toronto because they kicked Mayor Rob Ford out of office for conflict of interest etc.

What a weekend!

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