Saturday, 1 December 2012

KDP Select Update

Warning: if you take a hiatus from KDP Select, your ranking will plummet. It's definitely a little disheartening, especially when your ranking falls over 500,000 points in one day. I'd only had one e-book sale in the past two or three days, but how is such a precipitous drop possible?

(Whew--I just re-checked and apparently that was just a one day glitch! It's dropped, but not nearly that much. Maybe something else was going on.)

I'm busy promoting the paperback version of From the Chrysalis right now, so I have mixed feelings about the e-book version anyway. It's not like it cost me anything to upload the e-book or that I'm warehousing a bunch of books I can't sell. (On-line paperback sales are slow to show up in the rankings, even though I know I've had some.)

My private sales remain good, but none of these will be reflected in my on-line Amazon ranking.

Anyway--I still believe From the Chrysalis will find its target audience.

The people who have read it (as opposed to the massive number of people who downloaded it when it was free), have loved it.

I'll have to get cracking on the sequel. For some reason, when an author has more than one title, Amazon sales often soar. (Not that care about the money right now. Popularity is something else, though.)

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