Wednesday, 21 November 2012


From the Chrysalis is now available at Smashwords, so I took their advice and created an electronic signature for my e-mail correspondence. Please see below and if you hate it, let me know.
Was uploading to Smashwords a piece of cake? Of course not. I had a Kindle file which was perfect, but Smashwords wanted a .doc file. In the end, I re-sized the cover because SW insisted on a larger one, but I paid Ray from The Fiction Works to format the interior.
I'm too distracted. The book launch is this weekend. My husband has drummed up quite a few attendees (via a flyer distribution to every neighbour in a three block radius and an e-mail and phone blitz to everybody else who crossed our threshold in the past 35 years), so I might sell a few books. He's already sold a dozen for me, partly because he has no shame, but mostly because he's convinced himself that the book is great. He even entered it in a couple of contests. He has a lot more nerve than I do--thank God!
Oh, Ray volunteered that From the Chrysalis is "very powerful" book too. 

Karen  E. Black
Author of From the Chrysalis
a rough-and-tumble romance based on the Kingston Penitentiary Riot in 1971”

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