Monday, 5 November 2012

"From the Chrysalis" in paperback!

Well, yes and no. I've ordered copies for the book launch here in Toronto on Nov 25, they arrived with the minimum of fuss and bother and guess what--From the Chrysalis really is a book! I don't know if it's my imagination or not, but my novel actually sounds better when I read it in print.

Lots of trouble getting the print version on Amazon, though. I uploaded a print file [provided by CreateSpace] on Oct 17, but it's still not available for purchase.

CreateSpace Member Services assures me I have not been forgotten and that they are investigating the matter. Whatever--CreateSpace has been great. I've used their templates to create a paperback version of From the Chrysalis at virtually no cost beyond the money I had already spent [for one thorough edit by Genevieve Graham, author of Under the Same Sky etc.]. The book is under my own imprint: Viceroy Power Press. Well, okay, I paid $80.00 for Tatiana Will's great cover too. I'm not an illustrator, or a promoter either, for that matter. Help--I would really like to get back to the business of writing! Retirement is not an option, nor do I want my children to stop getting married and having babies.

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