Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Found these great reviews at: How did I miss them?

Roberta J. Ness
Right away I was intrigued. I love reading books involving ex-convicts, and when you throw romance into the mix it just makes the story that more exciting. I've always read a wide variety of book, books by John Grisham to ones by Danielle Steel, and this book has a good mixture of both. This is a great story, great characters, and just overall a very exciting read! I read it all at once and I could not put this book down! For only 99 cents this is great! I wasn't expecting too much for the price but I am so happy I decided to get it. From the other reviews I was clearly not the only one who enjoyed this one, 5 stars from me!

Michelle T.
After reading the description for From the Chrysalis, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I was intrigued enough after reading the sample that I took the plunge- and I'm happy that I did. This novel by Karen E. Black is one of those wonderful reads that breaks the mold and cannot be neatly pigeonholed- it combines elements of otherwise restrictive genre lines to stand alone, effectively creating a new genre. Black's writing style is visual and stunning, her dialog as unique as the characters who are speaking it. Liza and Dace are a literary yin and yang, and their symbiotic relationship drives the narrative into taboo, uncharted territory. From the stark reality of prison life to the passion of forbidden love, the author weaves a tale that will remain in memory for some time to come.

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